Genelec adds sound sophistication to Lily Lee
Thursday, 1 April 2021
lilyleeprimage1Lily Lee in Helsinki
Finland - Tomi Björck is one of Finland’s best-known chefs and restaurateurs. With 10 restaurants and two bakeries already to his name across Finland, Sweden and Australia, Björck with his wife Minka and three other associates embarked on their latest project in Spring 2020.
Lily Lee, in the heart of the Finnish capital of Helsinki, offers a range of dishes inspired by Taiwanese cuisine, Hong Kong’s street kitchens and classical Cantonese cooking.
Finnish AV integrator, 4Business Oy, installed a Genelec loudspeaker system in the environmentally friendly RAW aluminium finish to enhance the dark, sultry interior with an audio experience that blends into the lush surroundings. In fact, Björck contacted Genelec directly for his latest project. 4Business’s Janne Lankinen was unsurprised by Björck’s choice. “Music and atmosphere are crucial elements for Tomi at all of his venues, so an easy-to-use, high quality audio system was a must-have feature for Lily Lee.”
“We have had Genelec loudspeakers in almost all of our restaurants and there is no other brand we would go with,” confirms Lily Lee’s Minka Björck. “The full, rounded sound of Genelec is key for us and it is totally unique. No other brand sounds quite like it. We like to play music quite loud in our venues, so sound quality is super important. Finally, we love the sleek look of the loudspeakers, they work really well with our décor.”
Lankinen and his team installed a total of 12 Genelec 4030 installation loudspeakers in the distinctive RAW finish across the three areas of the restaurant. “The RAW aluminium finish blends beautifully with the dark, slightly industrial feel of the restaurant, even adding an aesthetic touch of its own,” says Lankinen. “The 4030s deliver excellent acoustic output and controlled directivity from a pleasingly compact enclosure, and of course they match all of the client’s requirements in terms of a minimised carbon footprint thanks to sustainable production practices and an extended product lifecycle.”
For processing and routing, 4Business opted for a Symetrix Prism 4x4 Dante processor and a touchscreen control panel loaded with 4Business’s own graphical user interface for straightforward fingertip management and control. “We have found that this combination is perfect for restaurant staff as a low-threshold, easy-to-use control solution in hospitality environments,” remarks Lankinen. “It gives them everything they need - and no more!”

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