Martin Audio sound supports Soho fitness centre
Wednesday, 7 April 2021
barryssohosep201630-pressBarry’s Bootcamp boutique fitness franchise continues to roll out in London and the UK
UK - Boasting a high-profile celebrity clientele, the Barry’s Bootcamp boutique fitness franchise continues to roll out in London and the UK, the latest (and flagship) operation being in Soho.
Originally established in California in 1998, Barry’s (as it is now known) offers high-intensity interval cross training, revolving around two red-lit studios. A series of trainers pump out high volume, high BPM dance-oriented music through Martin Audio sound systems as classes build up a sweat over an intense 50-minute session, focusing respectively on treadmill and strength training.
By the time sound specialist Callum Toms of Luna Sound and Lighting came on board following a recommendation, Barry’s were already familiar with Martin Audio’s signature sound, having adopted the brand via a previous installer.
Toms, himself, was equally conversant, having worked with their premium installation ranges at his previous company. But for the new basement operation underneath the famous Hamleys store (with the entrance on Kingly Street), he went a step further and specified a large complement of Martin Audio Blackline series speakers.
“We first replaced an old sound system with Blackline X8 at Barry’s Central on the Euston Road, which was the first to open in London [back in 2013],” confirmed Toms. “Then we were offered St. Paul’s and now Soho. Blackline seems to be made of steel, it’s just so durable. It comes at a price that’s hard to beat and it looks attractive.”
He says the operators are known to run the system at 98dB. “We have provided a large complement of speakers to create plenty of headroom, as we would prefer the system to run at 60% rather than flat out.” This approach also guarantees consistent coverage and ensures every class-goer has the same experience.
The two studios is equipped with 18 Blackline X10, underpinned with three SX112 subwoofers - all ceiling mounted on yoke brackets - while a further SX212 sub is floor mounted.
The Lift studio adopts a similar concept but features eight Blackline X8 and a pair of SX112s pumping out music overhead.
Elsewhere, on the entrance stairwell are six Adorn A55, with a further two in the corridor leading to the two changing rooms, each housing a further four A55s. Finally Callum Toms has turned to Martin Audio’s CDD series for the main reception area, where six CDD6 have been specified. All the Martin Audio equipment was supplied by Leisuretec.
Maintaining the tempo, high energy dance music is routed to the various ancillary areas via a BSS Soundweb BLU-100 from a Mac.

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