Audient puts audio centre stage at MWCC
Tuesday, 13 April 2021
mwcc-studio-5The Audient console is central to recording concert videos from the college theatre
USA - Department chair John Little has noticed a change in Media Arts & Technology degree programme applicants at Mount Wachusett Community College since its studio rebuild. “We are a small community college whose student body mostly commutes to campus from within 20 miles. Website photos from the renovations are now drawing audio students from hundreds of miles away, some of whom rent apartments so they can train here.”
Five years on, the college is still enjoying the fruits of its Media Arts & Technology facility upgrade, which included a rebuild of five audio control rooms. Little commented on the new ASP8024 at the time: “We’re especially happy with the Audient console we put in Studio 5,” and he stands by his statement today. “I chose it before I knew how many colleges around the world use them. I insisted on an actual console with real audio paths over a controller. This one has the feel of a large format desk, yet is elementary enough for students to embrace quickly.”
MWCC’s Studio 5 features an 80 input Audient ASP8024 with Dual Layer Control. Recording is handled with a ProTools HDX system running 32 analogue channels of Avid HD/IO and 32 channels of Dante via Focusrite Rednet. The room is also networked to the Avid NEXIS E4 storage server. Additional software includes Waves, Izotope, and Lexicon plug ins. This ProTools system is equipped with Avid Video Satellite, patched to an Avid Media Composer Video edit system, which provides synchronizing to full HD quality video for Foley work and mixing to motion picture.
The Audient console is also central to recording concert videos out of the theatre, which involves students from eight different classes throughout the college. “Annually, this is the biggest task for our ASP8024 to as much as 48 inputs of Pro Tools. Audio students record this along with video students who operate cameras in and around the concert,” says Little. “In addition to the live switched video recording, all audio sources and camera images are recorded discreetly, and the final edit/mix is created in post-production. When COVID restrictions end, we will invite military bands and national acts to record concert videos here – either by us or with our involvement.”

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