Calibre debuts all-in-one LED wall series
Tuesday, 13 April 2021
calibreLEDFusion Pro will be available in the second half of 2021 in the APAC region
UK - Calibre UK has introduced the LEDFusion Pro direct view line of LED displays.
LEDFusion Pro will be available to market in the second half of 2021 in the APAC region, and in two sizes and differing pixel pitches catering for most viewing distances - 130-inch 1080p (1.5 pitch) and 163-inch 4K (0.9375 pitch).
“Calibre takes installation professionals on a brand new adventure which begins with the LEDFusion Pro,” says Willy Tsai, managing director at Calibre UK. “LEDFusion Pro addresses specific trends in today’s business workflows – specifically the increasing importance of colour accuracy, performance, versatility, connectivity and low cost of ownership. Fusion Pro is designed for sharing ultra-realistic graphical images with a sharpness and clarity that is unmatched by any other display solutions. Bringing the LEDFusion Pro to market will increase installation efficiencies as well as provide a better return on investment for users.”
The Fusion Pro LED features “greatly enhanced colour reproduction and dynamic imaging” thanks to it’s newly developed UltraX image processing engine, driver and LED controller. With this, colour saturation and accuracy, optimal image processing and connectivity can intuitively be applied to the screen in any installation space.
Global Colour Calibration allows users to control LED brightness from 0.06 nit compared to 1 nit of other competing displays. LEDFusion Pro has a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and produces images near to 100% of the DCIP3 colour space that is commonly required by high-end digital film colour standards.
A 22bit+ Gray Scale Enhancement and Dynamic Mapping feature allows the LEDFusion Pro to show up to 256 gray levels for vivid, crisp and eye-catching graphics. It has a 3840 Hz high refresh rate and a pulse-width modulation visual effect, which helps to create smooth imaging. Also under the hood is a new innovative circuit design that overcomes any high contrast brightness interference and eliminates any kind of ghosting effect.
As standard, there are built-in display modes for seamless ‘splicing’ of images across two or four LEDFusion screens. With no additional equipment required, users can select any of three modes with easy OSD settings: Dual screen, Centered and Full screen mode. Many corporate, government and financial institutions located in Japan and Taiwan have already taken advantage of the splicing function also found in previous FusionHD models.
“Quite simply, the LEDFusion Pro is a revolutionary product,” concluded Willy Tsai. “With its stand-alone operation, performance and functionality, Fusion Pro is set to capture the hearts and minds of viewers with stunning detail, making it perfect for high-profile digital installations inside corporations, high-end retail stores, command and control rooms, public areas as well as collaboration and meeting rooms.”

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