Audient at core of Charlie Simpson’s studio
Monday, 26 April 2021
charlie-simpsonCharlie Simpson in his Surrey-based studio
UK - Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Charlie Simpson (Busted, Fightstar) has been getting acquainted with his new Audient ASP4816 console, which he installed in his Surrey-based studio recently. “I love using the ASP4816. It’s the perfect size for my studio and the routing capabilities are amazing. Though the desk is fully analogue I have managed to set it up in a way that it can be used in a modern/hybrid way,” he says.
It’s that hybrid capability that really appealed to Charlie, especially when it came to recording drums. “I love playing and recording drums, so to be able to have a space where I can now record live drums through a desk has been a game changer,” he says. With the ASP4816 at the hub, he has everything running through three UAD Apollos, and asserts that the ASP4816 has “massively expanded” his creative possibilities.
Having recorded albums in commercial studios with Busted, Fightstar and latterly his own material, he’s been around desks over the years, but confesses to never having used one on his own before. “I was a little intimidated when the ASP4816 arrived. I had pretty much always worked in the box, so I was amazed at how quickly I was able to learn on the ASP4816. It’s such an intuitive desk to use and within about a month, I was using it as if I’d had it for years.”
He timed his upgrade to coincide with the launch of his Patreon site, Charlie can offer his fans a ‘virtual front seat’ in his studio as well as various options for his core audience to connect with him. “I’ve been blown away by the reaction to the Patreon launch,” he says.

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