Audinate DEP now available for Analog Devices
Wednesday, 5 May 2021
danteThe Dante Embedded Platform SDK for Analog Devices’ ADSP-SC5xx processors is expected to be available this month
USA - Audinate and Analog Devices have collaborated to introduce the availability of Dante Embedded Platform (DEP) for ADI’s SHARC audio digital signal processors (DSPs).
The collaboration is made possible by Audinate’s introduction of DEP - which offers Dante audio-over-IP as on-chip software. By adding DEP to a powerful, compact, audio feature-rich, and multi-core application processor - such as the SHARC ADSP-SC5xx - manufacturers ensure they deliver Dante connectivity with high performance, low latency, and deterministic audio processing. The result is a single-chip solution with ‘impressive system design versatility’.
“Audinate sees a shared opportunity as the AV industry migrates to products running on standard computing architectures,” comments Bob Ehlers, vice president of product management at Audinate. “The Analog Devices ADSP-SC5xx processors extend the premium audio quality of professional AV systems by adding the industry-standard Dante connectivity to more workflows. The addition of the validated support for Dante-as-software is truly a win-win for developers and end customers alike.”
With minimal additional hardware and low marginal costs, Dante Embedded Platform provides ‘powerful, flexible and cost-effective software-based solutions with Dante audio networking already on board’. The result is interoperability with the thousands of Dante-enabled products - from hundreds of OEMs - already installed in countless installations.
“Analog Devices is pleased to work with Audinate to bring Dante software to the ADSP-SC5xx SHARC DSP processors,” says David Dashefsky, director consumer AV at Analog Devices. “We can now enable an ecosystem of SHARC DSPs with Dante connectivity, providing a powerful and compelling solution for the professional AV industry.”

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