AC-ET supplies Prolights to Version 2
Friday, 14 May 2021
atp-tennis-tour-for-amazon-prime-video-c-img-media-img-studios-Version 2 has supplied the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC’s for a number of high-profile broadcast projects, including Amazon Prime’s ATP Tennis Tour
UK - Version 2 Lights Limited (Version 2) has further invested in Prolights ArenaCob 4FC and has also added LumiPix 15IP LED fixtures to its extensive rental stock holding.
Version 2’s managing director, Nick Edwards comments: “When setting up Version 2, we were in the fortunate position of buying everything new. We didn't want to be burdened by the legacy of traditional tungsten technology, but at the same time wanted to keep the iconic look of the traditional fixtures. We were delighted by some of the LED alternatives from Prolights, which enabled us to keep the style and look desired by many LDs, but in LED form.”
Version 2 has been using LumiPix 16H for a number of years, in fact at year end, they were the most utilised fixture in Version 2’s inventory.
Edwards continues: “Thanks to its cost-effective price point, LumiPix 16H has always proved popular with LDs. We are excited to have just added the LumiPix 15IP RGBW LED Batten to our offering. We chose these because the units are low energy and IP rated, adding additional versatility, especially with a high number of upcoming outdoor events. I have no doubt they will prove a success with our customers.”
LumiPix 15IP delivers advanced brightness and colour mixing, as well as enhanced creative freedom with individual pixel control of each cell. The unit also has a demountable central omega bracket that makes it quick and easy to deploy in the air or on the floor.
Prolights’ ArenaCob 4FC is a full colour LED replacement for a traditional 4 cell DWE blinder, which ticked all the boxes for Version 2 when looking for an energy-efficient alternative.
“I had been made aware of the ArenaCob 4FC’s when the Coldplay world tour had just completed with a substantial number of these units. Speaking with the lighting director he commended the fixtures, and the crew confirmed they were highly reliable. If they could survive night after night on the road, they would certainly survive film and television usage too,” comments Edwards.
Version 2 has supplied the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC’s for a number of high-profile broadcast projects, including Amazon Prime’s ATP Tennis Tour. Lighting designer for this project, Mike Le Fevre, has been using the ArenaCob 4FC’s as part of his designs for a number of years to create variety of stunning visual effects.
The Prolights products were supplied to Version 2 by A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), Prolights’ exclusive UK distributor.
Edwards concludes: “We have been working with the AC-ET team for a number of years now, they are our primary supplier for all things from fixtures, to cables and consumables. The efficient tech support and availability of parts gives us additional peace of mind. We've been well looked after by AC-ET’s senior UK lighting sales, Bob Allen for many years. His support, knowledge and the speed he deals with our requests is extremely well received. He always helps ensure deadlines are met and the equipment is ready for our productions.”

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