Spyders deliver for Phoenix Suns Arena
Friday, 28 May 2021
phoenixThe 29-year-old venue has completed a significant $230m modernisation
USA - Christie Spyder X80 multi-windowing processors are helping to deliver a new fan experience at the Phoenix Suns Arena. As part of a massive renovation of the entire arena, the new lobby area has been outfitted with 7,000sq.ft of LED displays, with the Spyder X80 driving content to engage and educate fans as they enter the building.
The 29 year-old venue underwent a significant $230m modernisation with improvements that allow the Suns to deliver ‘a world-class guest experience’. The transformation included upgraded fan amenities, technology and more. Stranger Production, which specialises in sports and broadcasting video processing and automation, commissioned the Christie Spyder X80 processors that are used to drive content to the LED walls in the new lobby area.
Two custom, curved LED displays welcome fans to the arena inside the reimagined Phoenix Suns Arena pavilion. One display measures 26ft high by 202ft long and the other 26ft high by 113ft long, and display a combined 64.8m pixels. Two Christie Spyder X80 processors (one used as the primary processor, and the other as part of a back-up system) were installed to deliver content to the displays.
Says Eric Howell, owner, Stranger Production, “The system is designed so that the Spyder X80 is the central processor of the pavilion LED displays. Video is fed from computers to the media processors, into the Spyder. The display is completely customisable, including advertising, video feeds, and pre-game content, and different types of media and content can be layered using the Spyder.” Additionally, content can be synchronised on the displays throughout the arena.
The system is using 12 of the 16 outputs available on the Spyder X80 and all 20 inputs. Says Howell, “We’re using a lot of pixels and there’s still room for one more display.
“We have a history in commissioning Christie Spyder for large-scale sports and arena installations. And for me, it comes down to shear horsepower with 24 inputs and 16, 4K outputs. And with the Spyder, we are able to get multiple technologies converted to the same display type.”
“We’re thrilled that the Phoenix Suns have selected a Christie Spyder X80 to manage content for its lobby display,” says Joel Turensky, sales engineering supervisor, Christie. “The Spyder X80 features 80-megapixel processing power, with 4K support on every channel. The Spyder X80 enables the creation of spectacular experiences, and the Phoenix Suns Arena is no exception.”

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