Reggae Studio returns to analogue with Audient
Monday, 7 June 2021
negril-music-studio-97Fede Soto Roland in his Buenos Aires studio
Argentina - Producer, musician, recording and mixing engineer Fede Soto Roland has recently taken delivery of an Audient ASP8024-HE console for his Negril Music Studio. Based in Buenos Aires yet inspired by the music styles of Jamaica - everything from reggae to ska and dancehall - the studio’s latest addition is the culmination of a four-year shift towards analogue and represents the beginning of a new era for Fede and his clients.
He opened the studio back in 2017. At the time his set-up was almost entirely digital. Over the years he has released over 110 songs including three well-received Spanish Tributes to Gregory Isaacs. “As I got more and more involved in the production of albums and singles however, I became more aware of the difference of having a hybrid setup. So after a few years I decided to add more hardware.”
It was whilst the world was in the grip of a global pandemic that Fede got really motivated. “In 2020 realised I wanted to go all-in with my idea of professionalising the studio,” he explains. “I started to buy more hardware - for the mastering chain in particular. I believe that there is something about hardware that digital plug-ins still can’t capture. Then the time came to explore analogue consoles.”
Originally in the market for Audient’s more compact ASP4816 console, he did his research and decided that in fact, ASP8024 Heritage Edition would serve him best.
The arrival of the new analogue console has helped broaden his studio’s musical horizons. “I am partnering with some top-notch local producers to start recording and mixing other styles beyond reggae music, such as indie rock, pop and electronic music. I am pretty excited about this and I couldn’t attract such talented people without my new setup,” adds Fede.

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