Nexo unveils versatile column loudspeaker
Wednesday, 9 June 2021
id84-iNexo’s first column loudspeaker design
France - The ID84 is Nexo’s first column speaker design, introducing the company’s trademark characteristics of size-to-power ratio, variable directivities and flexible scalable configurations to a loudspeaker category that is relevant for a wide variety of applications.
The ID84 is a performance loudspeaker with peak SPL output of 135dB, and a frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz.
This slender metre-high package is presented with two companion products, a low-frequency extension module (ID84L) and a partner subbass (IDS312), which can easily be configured to provide an innovative scalable solution for acoustically challenging architectures. Potential markets include all kinds of public spaces, particularly transport hubs, houses of worship, theatres and sports venues, says Nexo.
Weighing just 15kg (33 lbs), the ID84 measures 990mm x 150mm x 215mm (39.0” x 5.9” x 8.5”). For the first time, Nexo engineers have crafted a rigid lightweight enclosure out of aluminium, with a steel spine to host the rigging system and facilitate the hanging of multiple cabinets. Magnelis side covers and front grille complete the contemporary aesthetic, which is available as standard in black or white, with custom RAL colour options to match any installation environment.
In the two-way passive box are eight of Nexo’s powerful 4” long-excursion Neodymium LF drivers, and eight 1” HF drivers in a unique arrangement which maximises the efficiency of these units.
Joseph Carcopino, Nexo’s director of R&D, explains that this patent-pending arrangement “makes a big difference to the acoustic characteristics of the ID84. For the first time, we are using dome tweeters instead of compression drivers. These have very low distortion, and by using multiple units in this particular shape, we can achieve the desired efficiency as well as a very high-quality sound.”
The ID84 offers smooth even coverage that can be tightly controlled by switchable dispersion. The user has a choice of two vertical directivities, selected by a switch on the back plate, offering with +0/-10 degrees ‘Narrow Mode’ or +0/-25 degrees ‘Wide Mode’ dispersion for 100 degrees horizontal coverage. Dedicated presets are available for each directivity.
ID84 shares the same phase response as other Nexo loudspeakers, making it easy to partner with different models, for example, for side-fill or front-fill, without risk of comb filtering or the need for complex electronic adjustment.
By exploiting a combination of mechanical steering and passive filtering, the ID84 is able to offer some of the benefits of beam steering whilst keeping system costs down through the economical use of amplifier channels.
“Even though we could call this an ‘industrial monitor’, it has a very hi-fi sound,” says Joseph Carcopino. “If it is used in a FOH application, we can provide set-ups which give a very smooth and easy listening musical character. The ID84 can stand alone on a specially-designed base plate, or on the dedicated sub, a 3x 12”, which is high enough to position the HF of the ID84 at the optimum height. The minimal footprint and homogeneity of appearance will give it aesthetic appeal for small stages.”
The ID84, ID84L and IDS312 are available in Installation, Touring and TIS versions. Connectivity is made through cable gland and captive two-core cables, and the Installation version is IP54-rated.

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