Vienna’s Das Werk upgrades with Alcons
Friday, 11 June 2021
alconsDas Werk is an alternative art and culture initiative based in Vienna
Austria - Founded in 2006, Das Werk is an alternative art and culture initiative based in Vienna. Located in the district of Spittelau, between the famous Grelle Forelle and FLEX nightclubs, Das Werk is the latest Vienna venue to upgrade to Alcons Audio pro-ribbon loudspeakers.
In 2018, Wolfgang Sauter of Vienna-based Pro Performance was asked to create an audio concept for Das Werk that fitted in with the neighbouring venues, including The Grelle Forelle, FLEX, SASS Music Club and The Loft. Pro Performance had previously equipped these venues with Alcons pro-ribbon systems, giving Alcons a stellar reputation in Vienna.
“The customer needed a new, effective sound solution that was flexible enough for both live concerts and DJ events across a large variety of genres,” says Wolfgang. “A particular problem was that the stage was in the corner of the room, presenting many acoustic challenges. We looked at all the available solutions and chose two arrays of three Alcons RR12 pro-ribbon point source array modules. They delivered highly precise, unified sound across the space, without producing unwanted sound on the stage.”
The RR12 arrays work in combination with the cornered subwoofer array. This custom custom-built 12x 15” vertical subwoofer was another design by Wolfgang, to also obtain a uniform low-frequency response across the room.
Wolfgang continues, “It’s simply all about physics and there is no feedback on the microphones or turntables, despite the live bands and DJs situated in front of the bass array. With the resulting precise low frequency impulse, we have added the last 2 octaves of the audio spectrum to the RR12’s.”
The installation of RR12s for the main sound at Das Werk was such a success that, this year, Pro Performance was asked to install an Alcons system for DJ monitoring. “Because it’s a small corner stage, the customer needed monitoring that was powerful yet compact,” says Wolfgang.
Running hand-in-hand with further extensive improvements to the venue’s acoustics, the company installed four VR5 mini versatile 5” monitors with two VR12 mid-size 12” versatile monitors. It’s a solution which immediately proved popular with Josef Sotriffer, a DJ, producer and Das Werk’s audio technician.
“I can honestly say that I don't know any other stage monitors that reproduce every detail in the sound as accurately as the Alcons VR12s and VR5s. Even at high levels, they are very comfortable to listen to,” he says. “What has surprised me the most is the intensity of the VR5s. Despite their small dimensions, they function spectacularly well as monitors for rock/pop or soul bands. The whole system is a lot of fun to work and play with.”

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