Chauvet lights Nyaradzo musical extravaganza
Friday, 11 June 2021
nyaradzoTwenty-one different artists played the small livestream stage
Zimbabwe - Nyaradzo Group marked its 20th anniversary recently, with a livestream concert celebration that featured 21 of the region’s leading artists.
The musical extravaganza was a big hit for viewers, especially since the performances on stage were supported by dynamic displays of video and light, as LD Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Sintara served up a stream of colourful looks that flowed naturally on stage.
Sintara’s design may have looked effortless, but in reality it was anything but easy. Producing different looks for 21 different artists on a small livestream stage is a “fun challenge,” he says.
Helping Sintara solve this puzzle was a supportive group of people. “Divine Concert Sound (DCS), the Nyaradzo Group Zimbabwe, Epic Sets and my mentor Simbarashe Bapiro were all very helpful,” he said. “I am grateful to have such support.”
Also contributing to the magic worked by Sintara was a collection of Rogue and STRIKE fixtures from Chauvet Professional. As he explained: “There were things we did to give the stage a different personality for each artist, while also keeping things camera friendly. The eight Rogue R2 Beams in my rig helped me a great deal. I hung six of them on a V shaped truss, and had the other two on the floor. From these positions, they gave me a lot of options to create different shapes and gobo patterns.”
Working with the R2 Beam fixtures were four Rogue R1 Beam units. Arranged in different configurations on the stage deck, these 132-watt fixtures added extra punch to Sintara’s show with their bright output, while their dual prisms help him create a variety of gobo effects to texturize the stage.
Adding to the variety of looks were the six STRIKE4 units that Sintara positioned upstage. “The warm white of these fixtures came off well on camera,” he said. “I used them as my FOH light and back light. The mix of warm white and cool white with the colours is really very attractive.”
Sintara relied on more than the mixing of colours and the creation of gobo patterns to add depth to his design. He also placed an elevated platform in the middle of the stage and accented it with light.
Discussing the platform, he explained that it not only helped him create an extra degree of separation between performers, it also gave him “more elements to play with” to create different looks.

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