Holoplot 3D audio in immersive Illuminarium
Tuesday, 6 July 2021
holophonicThe venue takes visitors on African Safari via a multi-sensory journey brought to life with the help of modern technology
USA - Illuminarium Experiences, an experiential entertainment company creating immersive venues, has opened its first Illuminarium in Atlanta. The venue takes visitors on African Safari via a multi-sensory journey brought to life with the help of modern technology.
llluminarium has entered a long-term strategic partnership with Holoplot which will equip the Illuminarium venue in Atlanta as well as future venues with their sound systems.
Holoplot is a Berlin-based hardware and software manufacturer of professional 3D audio technology. The company’s technology ‘allows to control sound similar to light, meaning to steer audio with highest precision to the desired target area only, all while creating a homogeneous soundfield with consistent level and quality over distance’.
The company recently launched its X1 product line, including the X1 Modul 96, a full-range two-way matrix loudspeaker, and the X1 Modul 80-S, a full-range three-way matrix loudspeaker. X1 offers ‘the ultimate level of directivity control’ to demanding applications such as performing arts venues, arenas, stadiums, immersive spaces, and theme parks.
The two-room Illuminarium Atlanta venue is configured with a 360° immersive Holoplot X1 system, consisting of 52 Modul 96 and 7 Modul 80-S. The installation complements the visual projections and, together with the in-floor haptics, engages the audience in different ways by placing them ‘inside’ the narrative.
“I have been very fortunate to work with Holoplot for the past several years,” says sound designer Peter Lenham. “The X1 is an amazing new tool that opens up new possibilities and room for exploration. As a sound designer and composer who also mixes my own projects, this has been a quantum leap forward. I can do things that I could only imagine before. The sound system has now become part of the sound design palette.
“In addition, from a more traditional loudspeaker performance perspective, the X1 has an incredible ability to deliver clean transients and phase-coherent audio. It just sounds great. I find myself using much less corrective EQ and fighting with the room less when mixing through an X1 array. The people at Holoplot are also genuinely wonderful to work with and are very passionate about their product. That makes a big difference.”
Brian Allen, executive vice president of technology & content at Illuminarium Experiences, says, “Illuminarium brings the best and most realistic immersive audiovisual experiences possible. We took our team to experience first-hand the Holoplot X1 Matrix Array and were completely sold on it by its incredible performance, flexibility, and unique beamforming capabilities.
“The result sounds just magnificent and allows us to achieve experiences which conventional technologies couldn’t support. Guests who experience the power of Illuminarium’s audio system will truly feel and be surrounded by our content. The integration of Holoplot technology delivers a harmony of unprecedented realistic experience for our venues and allows us to continue to democratize the world’s most extraordinary experiences.”

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