Chauvet ÉPIX lines up for Campus Cup
Thursday, 8 July 2021
campus-cup5Campus Cup is now in its third series
Belgium - Jonas Weyn of Art & Yes and his team demonstrated recently created a new lighting and set design for Campus Cup, a popular game show that has teams of college students match wits and knowledge against one another.
Now in its third series, Campus Cup has moved from Canvas TV to the more highly watched Eén channel. To mark the move, production company Woestijnvis asked Arf & Yes, which has worked on the show from the beginning, to come up with a new look while keeping a consistent theme with previous seasons.
Weyn and the Arf & Yes team, which includes lighting director Dirk Declercq and lighting operator Jarmo De Blaeij, obliged with a design featuring Chauvet Professional ÉPIX fixtures.
Last season, they created a stunning back drop for the show by arranging 140 ÉPIX Strip Tour and 19 ÉPIX Strip Tour 50 RGB linear lights in a horizontal configuration. Using the same collection of units this season, they positioned the fixtures diagonally instead of in straight lines, to endow the show with a bold, new look while still retaining a sense of continuity in their design.
Going beyond this basic reorientation, the team placed the ÉPIX fixtures in wooden recesses and directed them backwards so they illuminated the empty space inside each cove. “This created an attractive even field of light for our backdrop,” said Weyn. “We basically relied only on indirect light for this, which is a great way of using the familiar EPIX strips for an exciting new application.”
The colours produced by the ÉPIX fixtures on the set were mostly combinations of blues, reds and ambers, virtually always in concert with white. Adding an extra dimension to the background panorama for the camera were pixel mapped effects.
“Our pixel mapping created some unexpected looks, which were very well received,” said Weyn. “We worked per line, for maximum effect. We could have used other LED strips, but the ÉPIX gives a surprising level of output, power, and flexibility.”

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