Robe stands Proud on the Embankment
Tuesday, 24 August 2021
robe-proud-embankment-in-london-449a0200-1-photo-by-alex-riceThe Pointes are a completely new addition to the existing house lighting rig
UK - Cabaret venue Proud Embankment in London’s West End was determined to have a high-impact post-Covid reopening. One of the first venues to open its doors after the second lockdown, Proud had undergone a renovation, with a major investment in its production values and the installation of 14 new Robe Pointe moving lights.
The new Pointes were specified by Proud Embankment’s in-house lighting designer Jack Knight and purchased specially for the venue by regular lighting supplier, North London rental and installation specialist, Halo.
The Pointes are a completely new addition to the existing house lighting rig and are positioned all around the stage with several on a goal post at the back, from where they provide the main effects lighting looks.
Robe’s highly versatile Pointe was an easy choice for Jack. “It is a properly ‘multipurpose fixture’ in every sense of the word,” he stated. “As well as being fast and virtually instantaneous in response, Pointes are hugely flexible with a great range of colours, gobos and effects that allow you to be highly creative.”
He adds that the small size of the luminaire is also ideal to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in a vast, spectacular space with a double-height atrium and high ceilings.
Jack has been using Robe products in his lighting work for about the last six years and has been the chief house lighting and sound technician at Proud Embankment for the last three years.
In that time there have been various other Robe fixtures on the rig including MMX Spots and Spiiders, and overall, Jack considers the brand to be “highly reliable and a gold standard” in moving light technology.
Proud Embankment’s Cabaret All Stars show runs Wednesdays through Saturday evenings, with the new Proud Late nightclub on Fridays and Saturdays and weekend daytime brunches, alongside private hire parties, award ceremonies and film shoots, so all the lights on the rig are worked overtime.
Halo has been Proud Embankment’s lighting supplier for the last 10 years, and the company has also been a steady and long-term customer of Robe UK. Halo owner / founder Yann Guenancia stated: “I am constantly impressed with the team at Proud and their trailblazing policies of investing in technical production to get an edge. This latest addition of Robe Pointes underscores the importance of good lighting to enhance and deliver the best overall show presentations for guests and artists.”

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