Outline reinforces Liguria summer season
Wednesday, 25 August 2021
waves-musica-dal-mare1Musica dal Mare
Italy - Liguria, overlooking the country’s northwest coast has always been a favourite destination for writers and artists, such as Byron, Shelley and D’Annunzio, and the picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre, with their colourful houses, cliff-hanging trails and terraced slopes are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Almost 500 events took place during the region’s 2021 summer season, including many highly original projects, such as August’s Musica dal Mare (Music from the Sea), a series of evenings in three of the riviera’s key locations (Calata Mandraccio in Genova’s Old Port, Giardini a mare in Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo promenade).
The technical set-up for these events comprised a maxi video screen, a lighting rig combining moving head fixtures and conventional units and an impressive sound system, but the unusual aspect was that the whole set-up was installed on a huge barge, towed into place by a tug.
The Outline sound system chosen for the initiative, a “first” in Liguria, comprised two vertical hangs with 15 Mantas elements each (in classic L/R format) and 12 DBS 18-2 twin eighteen-inch subwoofers under the stage. Power was courtesy of the Brescia manufacturer’s T Series amplifiers.
Manning the console was DJ Federico Guttadauro, who treated tourists, after a hot summer’s day on the beach, to sets alternating his personal treatment of top international hits with sounds for the younger members of the audiences (chill-out, minimal and ambient), accompanying the splendid settings’ sunsets.
Everything was staged in complete respect of the safety distancing and anti-contagion regulations.
AV contractor for the events was Show Technologies, a company headquartered in Recco with 15 years’ experience in the design, rental, distribution and installation of professional audio, video and lighting systems for the entertainment and event industries.
Company partner Sacha Bozzo explains: "The event was anything but run-of-the-mill from a logistics point of view, and the Liguria region’s initial concept underwent several changes as things proceeded, adapting to the weather conditions, which were unusual for August, with strong north-west winds causing the programme to be postponed for a few days.
“We designed the sound system bearing in mind that it had to cover tourist ports with the public at a distance of between 50 and 150m from the points in which the barge was moored. The local coastguards then identified precisely the safest mooring areas, which unfortunately didn’t always coincide with the ideal positions as far as we were concerned. For example, when we arrived in Rapallo, we found that there was a distance of approximately 250m of sea between the rig and the first spectators. In spite of this, the sound reached the promenade loud and clear, which surprised even us."

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