Sennheiser stages Evolution seminars
Wednesday, 25 August 2021
evolutionwirelessdigitalexperienceshot-27mr‘With an app-based workflow, Evolution Wireless Digital makes wireless easy’
Europe - The Sennheiser Sound Academy is inviting everyone interested in wireless audio to a mini-series of two live seminars that will explain the new Evolution Wireless Digital system (for an in-depth technical review, read the September 2021 issue of LSi).
Seminar 1 takes place on 31 August at 12:30 p.m. CEST and gets you started on benefits, features and operation. Seminar 2 takes place on 14 September, again at 12:30pm CEST, takes things further by taking a more in-depth look at the system. The hosts will be answering any questions that participants need to address. To register, visit this link.
Sennheiser experts Jonas Naesby, Vincent Tilgenkamp and Volker Schmitt will meet seminar participants remotely in the two EW-D courses.
“Evolution Wireless will bring simplicity to your performance, show, service or talk while operating in the professional UHF spectrum,” said Volker Schmitt, technical application engineering manager, pro audio. “In our live seminars we will introduce the system to you and show you how easy it has become to set up wireless microphones.”
Seminar 1 will look at how to operate EW-D and get it set up with the help of the app, touching on all features and benefits that the system offers. Seminar No. 2 takes a detailed look at the app, at audio sensitivity and RF coordination.

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