ArmoníaPlus 2.2 offers cloud integration
Tuesday, 5 October 2021
ap6ArmoníaPlus 2.2 is available to download now
Italy - Powersoft has announced that version 2.2 of ArmoníaPlus - an update which enables integrators to share projects and work collaboratively in the cloud - is now available to download from its website.
The update makes it possible to access and collaborate on projects remotely from anywhere in the world, says Powersoft.
Primarily designed for systems engineers, but available in both ArmoníaPlus skins (Install and Live Sound), the new feature allows users to save projects in a Microsoft-based cloud, in addition to on a local drive. Project owners are then able to access and work on files remotely from any internet-connected PC, as well as invite their colleagues to collaborate on the project via a simple email link.
When used to share projects, ArmoníaPlus 2.2 offers ‘an intuitive, user-friendly platform tailor-made for collaboration’.
After joining the project and being assigned a specific role (either an editor or full project owner), all collaborators can see the full version history of a cloud project, listed in chronological order. This means installers will always have access to the latest version of the project, even when last-minute changes are needed, while system designers can provide remote support in-application.
The remote storage, which is free for all registered MyPowersoft users, also provides a place to archive projects after completion.
“Cloud storage has changed the way people work and has allowed the creation of new ways for us to interact with each other,” says Leonardo Weber, Powersoft’s product management leader. “We wanted to bring this advantage to Powersoft users as well.
“Storing and sharing ArmoníaPlus designs in the cloud will not only allow teams to collaborate during the design and install phases of a project, but will also make remote support much more simple and effective. No more need to be exchanging files by email when support is needed or to be searching for the latest version of a project.”
Also introduced with version 2.2 of ArmoníaPlus is the ability to monitor the status of Powersoft amplifiers via the SNMP protocol. Suitable for fixed installations with a central monitoring platform, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) provides systems integrators with information on network devices such as printers, switches and amplifiers. ArmoníaPlus’s implementation of SNMP relays essential data on the status of amplifiers and their operating conditions, including device faults and availability.
Powersoft amplifiers supporting SNMP include Mezzo Series, X Series, T Series, Quattrocanali DSP+D Series, Duecanali DSP+D Series and Ottocanali DSP+D Series.

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