Robe adds sparkle to Rolling Stone stream
Wednesday, 6 October 2021
robe-rolling-stone-pride-livestream-img4750The event was recorded and broadcast from PMC Studios in midtown Manhattan (photo: Myles Mangino)
USA - Robe Esprites and Spiider moving lights helped lighting designer Myles Mangino create a range of vibrant and dynamic scenes and effects for a three-day Rolling Stone on Twitch digital celebration streamed over the 2021 New York Pride weekend back in June.
The event was recorded and broadcast from PMC Studios in midtown Manhattan, New York City - recently re-opened after their last COVID wave - and was presented by daily hosts from Rolling Stone on Twitch, complete with a line-up of entertainment talent from the LGBTQIA+ community, and assorted Rolling Stone staff writers and editors who presented discussions on relevant issues, topics and perspectives touching on politics, music, and culture.
Thinking laterally and on his feet, Myles - asked onboard the shoot by ATD Audio Visual who provided all the sound, lighting, and video kit - spec’d the Robe fixtures, 12 of each type, as a flexible and practical solution for working in the studio which is primarily used for photoshoots.
Myles realized he’d need small, lightweight and silent fixtures to work effectively in the compact space and that could be safely rigged in the existing photography lighting grid, and this choice was a sound move as ATD Audio Visual has made recent major investments in Robe moving lights.
The Esprites had more than enough features, allowing Myles to create an array of different rainbow effects and maximize the gobos and colour wheels. No haze was possible in the studio for beam enhancement, but the Spiider multi-coloured flower effect proved super-handy as a backdrop projection. “These fixtures just gave me so many choices,” he said. Myles programmed and ran the lights using a grandMA2 console.

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