Immersive launch for Amon Tobin album
Thursday, 7 October 2021
l-acousticsPitchback Playback hosts listening sessions for music lovers
UK - Amon Tobin’s life and work in production and sound design spans over 25 years. His different approach to intricate, cinematic electronica continues with the recent release of the album How Do You Liveon Nomark Records. To give listeners in London a preview of the work, the label partnered with Pitchback Playback and L-Acoustics Creations to offer an immersive experience in a 24.1 immersive sound space designed by L-Acoustics.
Pitchback Playback hosts listening sessions for music lovers staged in total darkness to eliminate distractions and ensure that everyone present enjoys an opportunity to fully engage with remarkable albums from start to finish. With the lights out and optionally blindfolded, the sense of hearing is heightened in the absence of visual stimuli. This allows guests to fully surrender to sound and the physical sensations and detailed nuances of music played aloud and lossless.
Part of this listening experience in the dark involves careful curation of environments. Pitchblack Playback found an suitable match in L-Acoustics Creations sound space in Highgate, London. The luxurious setting is equipped with 18 L-Acoustics Syva loudspeakers, frequently used in live music venues, at fashion shows, and in high-end nightclubs.
The speakers hang on the walls in a 360° configuration allowing for a completely immersive listening experience, complemented by overhead pro audio speakers to create a full hemisphere of sound. The low frequency range is handled by a combination of Syva Low and Syva Sub, 23 in all, placed at floor level around the room to reinforce the visceral, haptic sensations of music.
Ben Gomori, director of Pitchblack Playback comments, “L-Acoustics Creations sound space is the ‘gold standard’ for us in terms of the quality of audio we are trying to provide. It’s the most powerful, detailed system we’ve had the pleasure of using at our events, and people are always blown away when they hear it in action at our sessions. When you listen to it with the lights out, it really takes it to another level.”

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