Infinity and Showtec perform on the Algarve
Tuesday, 19 October 2021
algarveThe lighting was supplied by Highlite’s Portuguese distributor Lagotronics
Portugal - Infinity Furion S401 Spots, iW-1915 RGBW wash moving heads, and Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 RGBW LED wash fixtures were successfully deployed at outside locations during a summer festival in the Algarve in the southern region of Portugal.
Geopalcos is a biannual event that aims to connect art, science and nature in the Geopark territory in the Algarve. Artists and scientists are challenged to combine their skills and expertise, and take nature lovers to discover art and science, lead art aficionados through nature and the paths of knowledge, and have the audience relate to their knowledge with the natural and artificially created beauties of their surroundings.
On 10 occasions between 29 May and 12 September, at different locations, the public is invited to participate in dialogues between tradition and creativity/innovation, to wander and (re)discover Portuguese society, gastronomy and territory, and to take part in several initiatives: performances, interactive installations, sensorial pathways and experiences, concerts, exhibitions, disciplinary crossings, theatrical creations, debates, workshops, and more.
Highlite’s Portuguese distributor Lagotronics supplied six of Infinity’s high-end Furion S401 Spots, eight Infinity iW-1915 RGBW wash moving heads and eight Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 RGBW Outdoor LED Wash fixtures to Nuno Lourenço from audiovisual supplier Stageteam in Messines de Baixo.
On 26 June, at the outside location of Pedreira de Grés, in Vale Fuzeiros, artists Vítor Bacalhau, Ricardo Martins and the students of the Escola Secundária de Silves performed in Fado & Blues - o casamento na Pedreira (the wedding at Pedreira), a show where American Blues and Country met Fado and traditional Portuguese music, as an invitation to the public to indulge in art, science and nature.
The lighting equipment was set up to highlight the natural beauty of the environment and to create an appropriate ambiance for the artists during their performance. The full and vivid colours of the fixtures succeeded to create an even deeper experience of immersion for audience and performers alike.

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