Spacemap Go tracks Michael Bublé
Wednesday, 20 October 2021
michaelbuble011An Evening with Michael Bublé
USA - The North American leg of An Evening with Michael Bublé tour resumed in August, with 23 shows in A-level arenas through late October. The tour continues to rely on a Meyer Sound reinforcement system as provided by global production company Solotech, and once again the massive system is deployed in a novel ‘dual hybrid’ configuration comprising both typical end-stage arrays as well as centre-hung arrays over the B-stage that essentially function as an in-the-round system.
What’s new this time around is the introduction of the Spacemap Go spatial sound design and live mixing tool, which transparently tracks Bublé’s voice as he strolls between the two stages, maintaining precise aural localisation at all seats with synchronised, incremental changes in level and delay across multiple loudspeaker arrays.
“We came up with the basic solution late in 2018 because Michael wanted to eliminate the distracting delay between his in-ear monitors and the main arrays when he moved out to the B-stage,” explains tour FOH engineer, Craig Doubet. “Spacemap Go was still in development at the time, so working with Meyer Sound we pieced together an interim solution using custom hardware and software. It worked, but now with Spacemap Go it is easier to use and the imaging is more consistent as Michael moves down the catwalk.
“With Spacemap Go, everything has been streamlined, which enables us to have more customisation of the process,” continues Doubet. “For example, now the delay functions are fully integrated with the panning. Before, we had to do a manual switch when Michael moved along the catwalk. Now we have incrementally stepped delay changes following the level panning as Michael moves toward the B-stage, all under real-time fingertip control.”
Two Galaxy 816 Network Platforms at the system’s front-end control Spacemap Go functions, connecting via Milan AVB to nine Galaxy processors dedicated to loudspeaker processing.
The four main stage arrays deploy a total of 60 Leo and Lyon line array loudspeakers along with 12 1100‑LFC and four 900‑LFC low-frequency control elements. Front-fills are eight Mina and two JM‑1P loudspeakers.
The centre-hung arrays function as a massive delay cluster when Bublé is on the main stage and becomes the primary system when he moves to the B-stage. This system comprises 10 Leo and 52 MICA line array loudspeakers, plus stage-facing arrays with 16 Leopard line array loudspeakers active only when Bublé is underneath on the B-stage.
The B-stage system also includes 12 700-HP subwoofers, two 900-LFC elements and seven MINA loudspeakers for front-fill. As has been the case for more than a decade, the Bublé tour system was supplied by Solotech.

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