JBL on course for dirt bike endurance races
Wednesday, 20 October 2021
transmoto-enduro1Transmoto organises team-based endurance events in a relaxed and fun atmosphere
Australia - To provide quality sound across a wide field of coverage for the Transmoto Endura dirt bike races, CMI Music & Audio and Be Productions deployed JBL Professional Eon One Compact speakers.
Transmoto organises team-based endurance events in a relaxed and fun atmosphere for everyday dirt biking enthusiasts, staged on remote locations with challenging but safe off-road loops that combine grass tracks and bush trails. The Transmoto Enduros consists of eight- and 12-hour endurance races for amateur riders taking place on dedicated tracks in rural areas across Australia.
With racers often spread out in outdoor campsites, Transmoto officials needed an audio system for announcements and communication with wide enough coverage to reach every racer and compete with the sounds of motorcycles and weather conditions. To meet these requirements, Be Productions consulted the audio team at CMI Music & Audio and selected the JBL Eon One Compact portable PA with an onboard mixer.
“With every event on the calendar a sell-out, covering the huge sites with audio systems for communication, announcements and the race call is a challenge,” says Marc McAvoy, director, Be Productions. “The trickier issue we had was to get audio to the camping area 300m away, where they did not want the constant hum of generators.”
The JBL Eon One Compact is a self-powered two-way speaker with up to 112dB output, an onboard four-channel mixer and processing, Bluetooth capabilities, remote app control and a rechargeable and swappable battery with up to 12 hours of runtime.
“The charge on the battery was very reliable,” adds McAvoy. “The first day, we were running full whack and didn’t have to swap batteries until that evening. We had a tech looking at the onboard battery indicator every hour, and they were fine. The swapping was really the key to success for us, as we could do it quickly and easily without having to de-rig the units. In terms of sound, the speech intelligibility is very good, and they absolutely cut through. The output is very impressive for a battery-powered unit. I’m very happy with their coverage.”
A spokesperson for Transmoto reported that event organisers were ‘thrilled’ with the intelligibility and flexibility provided by the Eon One speakers.
"The Transmoto Enduros is an event where the challenge was to achieve both speech clarity in an open setting as well as weatherproofing the system,” comments Amar Subash, director, channel management and audio solutions, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank Be Productions and CMI Music & Audio for their expertise and commitment to make the project a success."

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