Avnu Alliance streamlines certification
Wednesday, 20 October 2021
mmt-with-tagline-registermark-march-2020The new Milan Advanced Certification programme makes testing and certification ‘significantly easier’
USA - Avnu Alliance has introduced a new Milan Advanced Certification Programme for ‘faster, more convenient, and less expensive testing and certification of professional audio video (AV) end devices for its members’. The programme introduces a significantly enhanced certification management system, new pre-certification validation test tools, and global access to test houses around the world.
Milan is a standards-based, user-driven deterministic network protocol for professional media, that through certification, assures devices will work together at new levels of convenience, reliability, and functionality. To guarantee interoperability amongst Milan devices from various manufacturers, Avnu’s new Milan Advanced Certification Programme ‘delivers robust test plans and scripts that are performed at independent authorised certification labs around the world to ensure compliance with the Milan specifications and to guarantee seamless interoperability with all other Milan-Certified end devices.
“This is a new approach to open standard certification for the pro AV industry,” comments Richard Bugg, Avnu Alliance Pro AV segment chair. “There are other open standards in this industry, however, they don’t guarantee interoperability on their own. Milan manufacturers have come together to invest their expertise, resources, and experience to ensure a system architecture that will work for the future of many ecosystems, all supported by a first-of-its-kind independent certification programme.
“The new Milan Advanced Certification programme makes testing and certification significantly easier and faster for members, which brings more manufacturers and Certified devices to the table, with the guarantee that those devices will work together to deliver the best experience for the end user.
“The new streamlined programme is Milan’s solution to enabling a long-term, stable, no-compromise network of future-ready devices that is easier and less expensive to implement and evolves with the market’s requirements.”

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