The Parker turns to Martin Professional
Friday, 22 October 2021
the-parker-1The Parker is set to welcome back audiences and host a wide variety of events
USA - The Broward Centre for the Performing Arts collaborated with Pro Sound Inc.’s Stage Equipment & Lighting division to create a lighting system featuring Martin Professional fixtures for the newly-renovated Parker Playhouse theatre.
Founded in 1967, the Parker Playhouse is a beloved fixture of the local Fort Lauderdale arts community, hosting a variety of Broadway shows, plays, concerts, dance and educational events for the past 54 years. In 2020, a $30m renovation and restoration project transformed the building from a historical playhouse into a modern live music venue.
Now known as The Parker, the theatre is set to welcome back audiences and host a wide variety of events this fall, from educational children’s shows to rock concerts by artists including Rick Springfield and Lindsey Buckingham. As part of the effort to transform The Parker into a multifaceted venue equipped to serve the needs of modern live productions, The Broward Centre, which has managed The Parker since 2005, and the Stage Equipment & Lighting (SEAL) division of Pro Sound Inc. designed a lighting system featuring Martin ERA 800, MAC Aura, and ELP-CL lights.
“We do a lot of the community events as well as educational shows for kids in the mornings, but then by the time the sun goes down, we're ready to do a rock and roll concert,” said Anton Foresta, director of production-affiliated venues, the Broward Centre. “One of the primary goals of the renovations was that concerts hosted by The Parker started getting bigger and requiring higher production values for today’s touring artists.
“When we take a look at a production’s rider, we want to be able to provide the artists’ first choices in equipment. So, when it came to deciding on a lighting package, everyone's first choice was always Martin. That's why we worked so hard to make sure that we could install a full Martin package as we reimagined the theatre.”
The main component of the new lighting setup is the Martin MAC Aura single-lens wash light, with 16 on electric line sets and four on a motorized truss. Featuring a broad RBGY colour spectrum and eye-candy Aura effects, the MAC Aura combines multicolour beam LEDs with a backlight LED array to generate deep washes, subtle shades and more.
Additionally, the lighting team installed eight Martin ERA 800 Performance LED profile fixtures in a v-shape pointing upstage for wide washes, powerful beams and eclectic patterns. The CMY color mixing and six-slot color wheel provide numerous blending options, while features including static and rotating gobos and full stage framing blades with +/- 60° rotation make the ERA adaptable to any production.
“The Auras are our main wash,” said Robyn Allemand, technical coordinator, The Parker. “We placed them on most of our electric line sets to give an even wash and also because they can zoom in really well. It’s great to have the option to provide movement. We wanted to make sure the line sets were even in rows that fit onstage to allow for a fun look or a general overhead wash look.”
“One of the reasons why I recommended the Auras and the ERAs was because of the massive amounts of flexibility these fixtures provide while still doing everything the production team needs to accomplish to fulfill technical riders,” added Kirstin Anderson, sales engineer, SEAL.
Finally, 38 Martin ELP CL LED ellipsoidal profile lights provide impressive functionality and power output of 6,900 lumens. The ELP is also equipped with the gear-based Fine Focus – an industry first - which allows for adjusting and locking in the focus instantly, as well as an RGBAL Luxeon Rebel LED engine for a vivid and striking colour palette.
“When people see that you have Martin fixtures, that's as far as they need to go,” said Foresta. “Everybody already has the profiles for it. It makes it really easy for touring companies coming through with their own consoles to take over and merge the system to their files. Again, just looking at the riders, the first choice is always Martin.”

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