Pearce Hire welcomes Showman’s Show return
Friday, 22 October 2021
classic-ibiza-20212cRevival Productions presents the series of Classic Ibiza concerts around six Greenfield sites across six weeks
UK - “It’s a very welcome sight to see the return of The Showman’s Show this year,” says Shaun Pearce, MD of long-standing exhibitor Pearce Hire. “We couldn’t be happier to see the industry getting back on its feet and for us to all be doing what we love.”
Since the re-emergence of the industry from mid-July onwards, Pearce Hire has seen a very busy summer experiencing quite a boom following the extremely difficult conditions of the previous 18 months. “We were back in the thick of things - providing production services to some of our regular summer projects; some of whom were able to stick to their regular timeline; others who had booked dates later than usual to ensure they could go ahead,” explains Shaun.
“It was a pleasure to see these loyal clients return, whilst alongside this we had also taken on a significant amount of new work to help make up some of our losses from earlier in the year. So you can imagine, the juggling act for our equipment and our team was quite a challenge throughout these wonderfully busy weeks.”
Lisa Ward, director of Revival Productions who presents the series of Classic Ibiza concerts around six Greenfield sites across six weeks, comments, “We have worked with Pearce Hire for the last 12 years on a variety of different events. More recently they have provided the production, power, sound and lighting for our Classic Ibiza events. Their service is impeccable from concept to delivery. They have become an integral part of our team – bringing fresh and inspiring ideas each year to help drive our concerts forward each summer.”
The next few months will bring different challenges for Pearce Hire. “Business is starting to get back on track and there is a definite sense of normality amongst our team and throughout our premises, but I wouldn’t say we are out of the woods yet,” comments a cautious Jake Vernum, project manager for Pearce Hire.
At the top of the list is re-building Pearce Hire’s full-time workforce alongside their freelancer pool. The management team are eager to continue with new equipment investment ready for the 2022 season, although the ongoing manufacturing supply chain issues mean this will take a little time to settle down. And Pearce Hire’s drive towards more sustainable and innovative working practices is another major project requiring significant planning and liaison with clients.
Meanwhile, Pearce Hire has a busy calendar serving Winter projects including the Jools Holland Winter Tour, Detonate Halloween Festival, Anglesey Abbey Winter Lights, Bury St Edmunds Winter Lights, various sporting events and regular electrical testing projects. And all this whilst also servicing current stock alongside warehouse preparations and continuing development of the team and workflow systems.
“Providing the Covid recovery stays on track we anticipate an extremely busy year in 1922, and for the rest of the industry,” concludes Shaun.

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