ADJ debuts wireless up-lighting system
Tuesday, 26 October 2021
adjThe Mirage Q6 PAK is available now from ADJ USA and is due to begin shipping from ADJ Europe in December 2021
USA - ADJ has announced the launch of its Mirage Q6 PAK wireless up-lighting system. Designed to cover all the requirements of lighting and event professionals, this all-in-one package features six IP65-rated, battery-powered and wirelessly controllable LED par fixtures along with a purpose-built charging road case. Together with long-life batteries and long-range wireless receivers, the fixtures offer a variety of features including an in-built anti-theft alarm system.
Each individual Mirage Q IP fixture incorporates four 10W 4-in-1 RGBA colouring mixing LEDs, which combine to create a potent wash of coloured light with a concise 11-degree beam angle. By varying the intensity of the independent red, green, blue, and amber elements within each LED, the fixture is able to generate a wide variety of richly saturated colours. In addition to full colour mixing control, the unit also features 64 built-in colour macros to aid with quick programming as well as 13 pre-programmed chase patterns to allow for easy setup when required.
A high-capacity internal Lithium-Ion battery with a 11,000mAh capacity (typical) allows for up to 40 hours of operation (single colour) from a single charge. Even with changing colours, the battery life is 20 hours and therefore more than enough for even the longest of events.
Between use, it takes just seven hours to return the battery to full capacity. Meanwhile, the fixture is also equipped with a built-in ADJ WiFLY EXR wireless DMX transceiver which has a range of up to 2,500 feet (760M). The device is also equipped with an infrared sensor which can be used with either ADJ’s UC-IR remote control (supplied) or the Airstream IR to quickly select colour macros and pre-programmed chase patterns. This makes the Mirage Q IP a truly wireless lighting device, which requires no cabled connections either for power or control.
The fixture is solidly built and finished in sleek reflective chrome. This mirrorlike finish will reflect the unit’s surroundings, helping it to blend into any venue or stage set regardless of the décor. The fixture is also waterproof, with an IP65 rating, and is therefore suitable for temporary use outdoors with comprehensive protection against the elements (rain, snow, dust, and sand).
“We are very excited to bring the Mirage Q6 PAK to market,” comments ADJ USA’s national Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, “as it is a product we have worked very hard to develop so that it meets all the needs of customers who are looking for a reliable, versatile and useable professional wireless up-lighting system that also offers an excellent ROI.
“While ticking all the boxes of brightness, long battery life, wide wireless range, IP65 rating and in-case charging, we’ve also included additional innovations - such as the anti-theft alarm.”

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