Shure Microflex goes hands-free
Wednesday, 10 November 2021
shuretilergbThe Handsfree Mode for the MXCW Wireless Conference System is available now
Europe - The Microflex Complete Wireless Conference System (MXCW) from Shure now features a Handsfree Mode. The feature allows participants’ microphones to be voice-activated automatically without the need to press a physical button. Likewise, when a participant stops talking, their mic shuts off.
To accommodate various styles and dynamics of meetings, MXCW users can toggle between handsfree, manual, or remote microphone activation to best suit the style of conversation, from casual discussions to formal proceedings.
In Handsfree Mode, each conference unit evaluates the level, spectral content, and signal-to-noise ratio of the audio at its microphone to determine when speech is present. The conference unit sends a “Request to Speak” signal to the MXCW’s Access Point Transceiver (MXCWAPT). Next, the MXCWAPT assigns it a transmission channel and adds its audio to the floor mix. The process takes 20 milliseconds, during which time Handsfree Mode preserves all audio so meeting participants won’t miss a single syllable.
“The audio technology we use in meetings can either stimulate free-flowing discussion or help it adhere to more orderly proceedings,” explains Nalle Magnusson, product manager at Shure. “The new Handsfree Mode makes it simple for users to enhance the flow of any discussion, elevating the Microflex Complete Wireless Conference System’s ability to offer audio solutions that ensure meetings stay as natural, or formal, as necessary.”

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