Anolis Eminere gets Estrel Berlin in the mood
Friday, 26 November 2021
anolis-estrel-berlin-raum-xv-070-photo-courtesy-estrel-berlinBetween 10 and 12 Eminere 1s are installed in each of the breakout rooms
Germany - Anolis Eminere 1 RGBA LED wall washing lighting fixtures were specified to create mood lighting in a series of breakout rooms in the newest extension to the Estrel Congress Centre (ECC) in Berlin, with the Czech manufacturer also producing some specially adapted ceiling mounting versions of the fixture to suit this project.
The 10 breakout rooms are part of a new 5000sq.m extension project which opened last summer having been under construction for nearly two years, adding an 800 seat auditorium / presentation space and 10 event rooms to ECC’s substantial multi-purpose conference, exhibition and hotel complex which first opened in 1999. It occupies a massive site in the south of Berlin city.
Each of the new rooms can accommodate up to 50 - 240 people, and Estrel’s owner and technical management teams planned mood lighting from the early stages of the design and planning process explains ECC’s technical manager for AV, Thomas Herzberg.
“People in general are much more aware of the power and reach of lighting now, how it can affect thinking and attitude, so we wanted to provide this facility as part of our standard lighting and AV packages,” he explains.
Herzberg and his team chose the Eminere RGBA as the optimum fixture, complete with wide angle lenses as the fixtures had to be mounted close to the wall in each of the rooms.
As Estrel’s requirement was for ceiling mounting units, the factory was willing and able to provide a custom solution for the standard wall mounting Eminere 1s and meet the timeframe, and this will also be an option for future Eminere specifications.
“This willingness of Anolis to customise to our needs was also impressive,” comments Herzberg.
Between 10 and 12 Eminere 1s are installed in each of the breakout rooms where they blend into the surroundings and produce colours and mood just as was envisioned.
Mood lighting control is integrated via the building’s IP system and is designed to make it as straightforward as possible for clients to change the moods and create new colour schemes to suit their event using either wall mounting Crestron touch panels in each room or remotely via a tablet.
“Our goal was to make it effectively like a smart house in terms of control, and so far, everyone who has used it loves it,” declares Herzberg.

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