PRG Switzerland broadens reach, rebrands as PRG Gear
Wednesday, 1 December 2021
prg-gearWithin 24 hours PRG Gear will be able to serve a radius of 600 km straight from its warehouse
Europe - PRG Switzerland has relaunched as PRG Gear, to bring its dry rental sources under one brand.
PRG Gear’s office in is located in Zurich. Within 24 hours PRG Gear will be able to serve a radius of 600 km straight from its 7,500sq.m warehouse, which is amongst the largest equipment inventories for all types of production disciplines in the event industry, says PRG.
“Not only will former PRG Switzerland clients be able to rent equipment from PRG Gear in Zurich, they will also be able to count on a widened offer of support solutions for their productions. With the ever-shortening installation and dismantling schedules on-site, we want to include mobile and efficient solutions in our strategic offerings in the future.” says Martin Fischer, general manager PRG Gear Zurich.
“We will be offering an additional space in our warehouse facilities for our clients to optimize time and prepping of their projects on-site.”
Working in close conjunction with Martin Fischer, Niklas Bohr will be the new head of business development at PRG Gear in Switzerland. With his many years of experience, Niklas will focus on Austria, France and Italy and address new customers in Europe.
“The moment is right for us to strengthen our brand and move forward as one PRG. We already have 15 well-established PRG Gear affiliates in the United States that focus on our dry-rental business. It is only natural to unify the sub-rental brand globally.” states Stephan Paridaen, CEO PRG.
“Whilst the events sector is still reeling from the corona pandemic, we want to make sure that we are ready for the industry to kick off again stronger than ever and face the, what we all hope to be, a roaring 2022 and most of all, serve our clients at our best. PRG Gear Switzerland has 14 years of experience in the dry hire business and tries to offer its customers the best solutions. No production is too small or too big.”

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