ARX USB interfaces enable remote learning
Friday, 3 December 2021
ARX’ David Park with some of the Ultra IO for ACU
Australia - ARX Systems has recently supplied a large quantity of their USB Ultra I/O audio interfaces to multiple campuses of the Australian Catholic University (ACU). The USB Ultra I/O was chosen by the ACU as part of a series of campus wide AV upgrades designed to facilitate remote and blended learning from each lecture room.
David Prentice, audio visual systems administrator for ACU, along with colleague Douglas Simpson, headed up the project. “What we wanted to achieve at ACU, which most other unis are also doing, is being able to use Teams/Zoom in our existing lecture rooms, to facilitate remote/mixed teaching. We are using the ARX DI Boxes to take microphone audio out of the Crestron DMPS (Digital Media Presentation System) and feed it to the PC, so that Teams/Zoom and other software can utilise the microphones in the space.’
The ARX USB I/O range has been a popular choice for university lecture theatres as the standard digital/analogue pro audio interface between any USB equipped computer and the balanced inputs and outputs of professional sound systems. The latest version, the USB Ultra I/O is a true 24-bit, high resolution, ‘plug and play’, USB 2-channel play and record digital/analogue pro audio interface with 5 selectable sample rates out to 192KHz.
Commenting on why the ARX products were chosen, Prentice explains, “We chose this box as it was well-priced, well-built, and just did the job. We had a few small teething issues with other similar products. So, by just adding this box and a camera to the room we were able to enable the remote/mixed teaching relatively quickly.”
The ARX products were supplied to ACU through three of their preferred suppliers – East Coast Audio Visual, Fredon Technology and Insight Systems Group.

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