ChamSys drives Seiler und Speer at Nova Rock
Thursday, 9 December 2021
nova-rockNova Rock music festival takes place each year in June in Burgenland
Austria - Platinum recording stars Christopher Seiler and Bernhard Speer tell stories of everyday life, offering philosophical observations of situations that everyone has experienced at one time or another.
Helping to turn the pages of these musical tales with supportive visuals is the duo’s lighting designer Niklas Fuchs who began lighting Seiler und Speer, using a ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro, in 2015 when they released their inaugural album. His first show with them was at a small (750-capacity) club in the Alpine resort region of Tyrol, a far cry from their more recent appearances, where fans are counted in the tens of thousands, and TV audiences in the millions.
Through all the growth and changes, however, Fuchs has maintained a sense of spontaneity in running lights for his clients, which is in keeping with their own approach to music. “I don’t use timecodes; it is not part of the personality of this group,” he said. “I see it as my personal daily challenge to hit every cue at the right time. It’s much more fun behind the desk this way!”
Fuchs’ style and his pure joy in lighting was on full display this summer when he lit Seiler und Speer at the Nova Rock festival. Each song in the band’s set had its own cue stack with plenty of bumps and effects. He also controlled three live cameras on a media server, all without time coding. Instead, he relied on his user-friendly ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro supplied by
“Martin Kames was the equipment provider for this show, as he is for all Seiler & Speer shows,” said Fuchs. “The MQ100 is my trusty touring companion since I started doing lights. I learned on it from Martin Kames, trained on it, and it went through rough roads, beer showers and power failures with me. The show file for Nova Rock is based on one Martin and I created when I worked for him with this console. I’ve been using ChamSys since 2012, and have worked with various models, including the MQ500. All Chamsys products are very intuitive for me and unbeatable in performance.”
“There are so many time-saving features to this console,” he said. “I like to be able to edit cues easily on screen. Plus, the clone and merge capabilities are indispensable. We had 90 moving fixtures and tons of pars in our 12 universe Nova Rock show. We also has a media server running Resolume and it all was controlled with this desk.”

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