Pixellot expands into UAE market
Tuesday, 21 December 2021
pixellotcamplusdec212Pixellot’s AI-based solutions have already been installed in 11 venues
UAE - Following its expansion in Israel, USA, Europe and some regions in APAC, Pixellot has announced it is now operating in the UAE. The company has partnered with CAM Plus Sport, a Dubai-based sports system integrator, to enable amateur sports clubs and schools across the United Arab Emirates to create broadcast quality live streams and on-demand recordings of sports matches.
Eleven permanent systems have already been installed within months of the start of the partnership.
CAM Plus Sport launched during the pandemic as local sports began to open up again after a period of lockdown. While attending a Second Division football match, the company’s founder Ismail Al Mazmi noticed that spectator numbers were limited, and there were no cameras recording the matches for those who could not attend. Additionally, many parents were unable to watch their children playing sports at school or at local clubs, either due to COVID restrictions or for other reasons.
Al Mamzi explains: “We decided to research products that could broadcast or live stream sports at low cost without sacrificing on quality. Our research led us to Pixellot, one of the industry’s pioneers, which offered a fully automated system that could cover many different types of sports. We initially ordered a Pixellot Show system to test it out following the demands of several sports clubs and we quickly saw how we could enable lower league clubs, minority sports and school sports to bring their games to a wider audience while also providing them a monetisation opportunity.”
The Pixellot - CAM Plus Sports partnership has also already seen agreements with the UAE Futsal ExCo (indoor football) and the UAE Handball Federation, and has installed 11 permanent Pixellot systems at clubs and venues across the UAE including Sharjah FC, Al Ain FC, Al Nasr, Al Hamriyah Cultural and Sports Club, and The 7s Stadium. CAM Plus Sports provides the streaming platform for the clubs to offer subscriptions, either pay-per-view or season packages.
Alon Werber, CEO, Pixellot, comments: “We are very happy to announce Pixellot’s expansion in the UAE market. We are confident that our relationship with CAM Plus will go from strength to strength and play an important role in democratising sports in the region in the years to come, as well as help several sport disciplines gain more presence in households across the UAE.”

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