Sharpys shine on Queen of the Night
Tuesday, 4 January 2022
claypakyqueenofthenight3Sharpy Plus created bright colours and unusual gobo effects
Ukraine - For Olya Polyakova’s The Queen of the Night show, staged at Kiev’s Palace of Sports in October 2021, a large array of Claypaky lighting fixtures gave a high-energy look to the concert and accented the royal design motif employed by the popular performer.
Yuriy Andrushchenko, drector of Feyeria, supplied lighting designer Vlad Cherepin with 62 Claypaky Sharpys, 54 Sharpy Plus, 32 Mini-B LED moving lights, 32 Tambora Battens and eight Scenius Unico spots for the concert.
“The central element of the set was a star-shaped crown suspended from trusses on moving motors, where we put the Sharpy fixtures,” says Dmytro Andrushchenko, stage designer of Feyeria. “Sharpys were very well suited to this application because they are small and easy to install and have a great effect in a large hall.”
Vlad Cherepin chose Sharpys, he says, “because they were perfect to make narrow beams and to repeat the contours of the crown in the air.”
In addition, Sharpy Plus created bright colours and unusual gobo effects, while the Mini Bs acted as bright fill-lights, he explains. The Scenius Unico fixtures served as front lights and profiles accentuating the singer and dancers while the Tambora Battens proved to be “powerful lighting effects tools” says lighting operator Ruslan Bondarev.

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