Zytronic debuts interactive video wall technology
Wednesday, 19 January 2022
zybrid-edge1ZyBrid edge touch sensor technology has been developed to ‘create stunning multi-screen interactive video walls and tables’
UK - Touch technology specialist Zytronic has introduced the ZyBrid edge touch sensor technology, developed to "create stunning multi-screen interactive video walls and tables".
Designed to mirror the narrowest bezel video wall monitors, the glass sensors feature an ultra-narrow border (anywhere from 3mm to 0mm), creating a sleek appearance by using the maximum display area. The sensors can be innovatively linked when used with the associated all-new ZyBrid edge controller to enable seamless touch transition between screens, with potentially no gap whatsoever between adjacent active areas.
Typically, AV installers fix a huge protective glass over the entire interactive video wall. They then often use a clip-on infra-red or camera-based touch detection system around the outside of the tiled screens. This arrangement creates a large, unsightly, protruding bezel around the edge of the wall, even if interactivity is only required on some displays. Also, these touch detection technologies tend to be susceptible to false and accidental touches.
“The new Zytronic projected capacitive solution eradicates both these issues, enabling ultra-fast, accurate touchscreen responses and providing borders that match the latest near borderless LCDs,” says Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director, Zytronic. Each narrow-border ZyBrid edge sensor is supported by a dedicated ZYX500 based multitouch controller linked via a set of RJ45 data cables. The connected associate controllers then finally connect to a single, leading primary controller. The controllers are fitted with a manual toggle switch that changes the onboard firmware settings, allowing AV installers to quickly choose whether to make it an associate or a primary controller. Only needing one type of controller reduces system complexity and component inventory.
As with all Zytronic touch sensors, the sizes and designs can be completely customised. In terms of size, the main requirements are expected to be 37, 46, 49, 55 and 65”, matching the most commonly available narrow border video wall monitors from suppliers like Christie, LG, NEC, Philips and Samsung. The glass touch sensors can be made from 3, 4 and 6mm thermally tempered glass, with either a plain or Anti-Glare finish, depending upon customer needs and impact requirements.
“With this latest Zytronic development, accurate and incredibly responsive projected capacitive touchscreen video walls of almost any size can be created by AV system installers,” concludes Crosby. “With virtually unlimited scalability, the Zytronic video wall solution enables endless possibilities for them to create the ultimate interactive experience, from mission control rooms, corporate HQs and museums, to flagship department stores.”

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