Celestion releases updated HornWizard
Thursday, 24 February 2022
celestionThe new HornWizard version 2.0 features enhanced functionality
UK - Celestion has launched HornWizard 2.0, an updated version of the desktop and mobile application, which is a portal to the company’s free horn design software.
The original HornWizard app was developed to introduce systems engineers to Celestion's unmatched horn design capabilities and has already been used to design many thousands of horns. The App enables the user to test a basic concept design, using just a few parameters to determine whether particular horn specification could work in practice. In the app, users can reliably verify designs, quickly adjust them with different parameters and view the results in a matter of seconds.
The new HornWizard version 2.0 features enhanced functionality and allows users to: Design horns for Celestion’s 1.4” and 2” exit compression drivers, including the Axi2050; refine multiple designs and compare them. Graph traces can now be compared for up to three designs; specify horn length as a primary parameter and design horns with circular or elliptical mouths.
HornWizard 2.0 has been created as a WPA (Web Progressive App), usable on both desktop and mobile devices to access Celestion’s full design software using a simplified parameter set. The app doesn’t contain any horn design software itself: it simply acts as a portal. The user can input parameters that are processed by the in-house software with results returned to the app interface.

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