ETC launches Cyberlight LED
Thursday, 10 March 2022
cyberlightmacromirrorbluemediumA full complement of features are included on Cyberlight LED
USA - ETC has released Cyberlight LED, a moving mirror fixture born from industry feedback and built in Austin, Texas. Customers with existing mirror fixtures in the themed entertainment market and elsewhere can retrofit those products with Cyberlight LED for more energy-efficient operation and service, says ETC.
The 470W Bright White LED engine and the high-quality optical system delivers 12,750 field lumens with 90+ CRI for superior colour rendering capabilities. A full complement of features are included on Cyberlight LED for creative design possibilities, including colour mixing plus colour wheel, dual rotating pattern wheels, zoom, focus, iris, prism, and diffusion.
Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner comments, “The lighting industry has been approaching us for years regarding an LED version of the Cyberlight. We took this opportunity to bring the entire fixture up to date with modern automated luminaire technology. By introducing a smaller gate size, we have provided a fixture with a much broader feature set, wider zoom range, and encoded pan and tilt system. In addition, the fixture includes a transferable LED engine, and a maintenance design that prioritizes longevity and precision."
Themed environment specialist Scott O'Donnell adds: “The super-fast speed of the Cyberlight is beyond any other fixture in the market. And since you can neatly stow the fixture away in the décor, Cyberlight is exactly the kind of light needed to create a dazzling themed environment.”

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