Pioneer Pro Audio speakers suit Bomaki
Wednesday, 13 April 2022
pioneerxbomaki-22Pioneer's CM Series were "a natural choice" for the restaurant thanks to the speakers' quality, reliability and design
Italy - Milan’s historic district of Brera is an epicentre of cultural energy, and recently became the location for the seventh restaurant opened in the city by culinary fusion specialists Bomaki. The venue offers a combination of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine in a vibrant setting.
Bomaki’s sensory concept relies on high-quality interior design that uses lighting fixtures created from reclaimed materials and Colombian-inspired furnishings and decor. Caribbean music is added to the mix to complete the atmosphere, and for this, the highest quality audio was considered essential.
A Pioneer Pro Audio system was chosen for both its quality and aesthetic, as Bomaki marketing manager Marco Zaki explains: “Music is a central part of our concept. We want to offer our customers a clean, high-quality sound to accompany their lunches and dinners, and that’s what led to our choice of Pioneer Pro Audio CM speakers. Having already installed a Pioneer Pro Audio system at our Jazz Café, we were very aware of the quality and reliability of the sound, so when we factored in the superb design characteristics, they were a natural choice for Bomaki, where visual impact is a very important part of our experience.”
The installation was carried out by audio specialists Skeldon Cooperative Society of Voghera whose sound technician, Sergio Caio, describes the challenge: “As it was a new restaurant, everything to do with the system design had already been prepared when the project was presented, so this made for a relatively straightforward installation. There were still some challenges, though. The main one we had to address was that of reflective surfaces such as large glass windows, and also the fact that the restaurant is an open space with a ground and first floor.
“We positioned the speakers at strategic points in the rooms in order to ensure the best possible coverage of the area with a well-balanced frequency response. The large number of speakers allowed us to improve sound diffusion and avoid the intrusion of any external noise.”
Speakers from the new Pioneer Pro Audio CM-Series commercial range were installed, including 4 x CM-S56T with 2 x (sub) CM-S510T on the ground floor, and 6 x CM-S56T with 2 x CM-S510T on the first floor. To guarantee a complete sensory experience, CM-S54T speakers were also installed in the toilet areas.
Sergio Caio and the Skeldon team were happy with the outcome, pointing towards a balanced frequency response throughout, without any blind spots on either of the two floors. For Marco Zaki, the warm sound that has been created, free from unwanted resonance, met the brief exactly. The system’s user-friendliness was also an important feature in his estimation: “We realised immediately that the sound quality was of a superior nature. It’s precisely what we wanted and needed - excellent, balanced and high-quality sound to complement our customers’ experience with pleasant, non-invasive background music.”
The system is driven by Powersoft Mezzo and Quattrocanali amplification, meaning that the restaurant team can access the levels for each area via the Powersoft WM Touch Panel, and manage the sound easily at all times. Zaki concludes: “Our experience with Pioneer Pro Audio has always been very positive, and there is no doubt that we will turn to them again for our next venues.”

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