ETC launches High End Systems Talen
Friday, 22 April 2022
talen-2tabletopglam1Talen’s footprint is small enough to fit anywhere in a lighting rig
Europe - ETC has introduced the High End Systems Talen, an automated luminaire that ‘adds visual excitement and big looks to any show with its punchy, rig-defining aerials’.
The fixture’s high-intensity beams are created with full additive color RGBW emitters and a large front aperture, resulting in an extremely narrow 3° beam with high center beam candlepower. Talen’s footprint is small enough to fit anywhere in a lighting rig, and it can also be rigged in creative hanging positions. Fixtures can be easily configured and addressed through ETC’s Set Light App.
Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner comments: “It is exciting to add a simple, affordable beam light to our collection of fixtures. Talen is excellent for adding movement to conventional rigs and supplementing big ones by adding excitement and expanding the designer toolbox. With exciting features like an eye-catching TIR lens producing a tight beam of light, Fixture configuration wirelessly via iPhone and Android devices, and the versatile Talen hinge, Talen is the perfect exclamation point for any show.”

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