Martin debuts ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR
Monday, 25 April 2022
martin-elp-and-era150-prThe fixtures are ready for the road
USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the Martin ERA 150 Wash moving-head and Martin ELP PAR static LED wash.
These fixtures produce ‘class-leading lumen output with high-intensity zoom’, full-gamut colour calibration and smart rigging and control functions, making them versatile workhorse lighting solutions for rentals, installs and touring.
The Martin ERA 150 Wash, the successor to the Martin RUSH MH 6 moving-head LED, delivers 3,900 lumens - twice the brightness of its predecessor - thanks to its newly engineered 7 x 40W RGBW light engine and optical system. It’s suitable for covering larger stages that require long throw distances.
The ELP PAR, a successor to the RUSH PAR 2 static LED outputs 3,500 lumens, twice the output of the previous model, thanks to the same powerful new light engine and optical system.
The ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR feature full-gamut colour-calibration systems, which allow consistent colour reproduction from fixture to fixture and support a dedicated colour temperature control channel for adjusting the colour space from the desired colour temperature.
With a wide zoom range of 4.2–58 degrees, the ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR excel at producing broad washes and high-intensity mid-air effects.
The ELP PAR IP variant (available later this year) is IP65 rated for outdoor use, providing protection from water and dust. And its sealed design supports fewer maintenance cycles. Both lights feature a low-noise theatre mode, which operates at a quiet 33 dB.
Fixtures are ready for the road, thanks to their tough, lightweight yet durable design that has been verified through Martin’s extensive test programme.
“We built the ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR to significantly raise the brightness bar in the compact class, producing up to twice the lumen output of their predecessors,” says Mark Mercer-Buss, Martin product manager, entertainment lighting. “Adding new features such as full-gamut color calibration, enhanced optics for narrow beam projection and a wide uniform wash field finally offers lighting designers toolkits previously only found in larger-format fixtures.”

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