Polar to distribute Music Tribe brands in UK
Thursday, 5 May 2022
music-tribe-rev-002Music Tribe brands include Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Turbosound and Tannoy
UK - Polar has announced a new relationship with Philippines-based Music Tribe (formerly Music Group), which will see the UK company take responsibility for the distribution of Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Turbosound and Tannoy in the UK.
The partnership will provide collaborative opportunities to realise co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to training and education, as well as strong supply chain integration to ensure products are always in stock and readily available, says a statement.
John Midgley, managing director at Polar, comments: “Polar has long been associated with the pro-audio industry, both in terms of the rental and installation sectors, so we’re delighted and very proud to become a super partner of Music Tribe. We’re very excited to be re-introducing the distribution of these truly iconic brands to U.K. customers.”
Pete Sadler, Music Tribe’s customer solutions leader, adds: “We are very proud to have Polar join our super partner family. Both Music Tribe and Polar are extremely passionate about serving our enterprise customers. This strategic relationship will now open the door for deep integration and collaboration - all for the benefit of the customers we love to serve.”

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