Lavoce launches Powersoft compatible subwoofers
Friday, 6 May 2022
san184SAN184.50iP is a 3400W Program Power 18” with 2ohm nominal impedance
Italy - Lavoce Italiana, the HF/LF transducer company with a heritage of 35 years designing and manufacturing professional loudspeaker components, has announced the official launch of SAN184.50iP and SAN216.00iP high motor strength neodymium subwoofers, designed to partner with the Powersoft IpalMod amplifier and software platform (8500W @ 1ohm).
SAN184.50iP is a 3,400W Program Power 18” with 2ohm nominal impedance and SAN216.00iP is a 5,000W Program Power 21” with 1ohm nominal impedance, and both are uniquely characterized by having very high motor strength, high-efficiency and high-power handling, together with exceptional excursion capability (2.1” and 2.5” Peak to Peak respectively).
To compliment the impressive technology of the Powersoft IpalMod, both models have been designed using Lavoce’s proprietary loudspeakers design software and advanced FEA techniques. Key features include ultra-low distortion (harmonic and intermodulation) and reduced power compression, achieved by ensuring symmetrical force factor Bl(x) and stiffness, full motor magnetic flux saturation resulting in flat inductance over excursion and current L(x,i), and by the optimization of thermal behaviour.
Aimed at OEM manufacturers, Powersoft’s IPAL technology (Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker) is the only high power, high efficiency, ultra-low distortion, ‘active’ subwoofer system that really connects the amplifier, the speaker/s and the cabinet as a single entity, culminating into an impressive increase in the mains input to acoustic output efficiency ratio.
Giacomo Previ, Powersoft OEM sales manager comments: “Our ground-breaking IPAL technology overcomes the limitations of traditional transducers like no other system, so we are very proud to add Lavoce as another approved transducer partner to enhance its proposition. The IPAL benefits are even more valuable in todays’ challenging global climate, and this new partnership will help make them even more attractive to a wider range of customers around the world.”
Kevin Shove, Lavoce international sales director adds: “This technology is truly incredible, so when we were approached by Powersoft to see if we would be interested in becoming an approved transducer partner for the IPAL system, we were honoured. Creating approved IPAL compatible subwoofers truly emphasizes the expertise of our Italian R&D team and China Production team, and our continued passion for pushing the boundaries of transducer performance and the pursuit of acoustic excellence.”

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