Martin Pro LED fixtures light Kings Park trees
Tuesday, 10 May 2022
kingsparkOne of the park’s most notable features is Fraser Avenue
Australia - Working with Western Australia’s Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA), Plan E Landscape Architects recently enlisted Engineering Technology Consultants (ETC), Light Application and Show Technology to design an architectural lighting display for Kings Park using Martin Professional Exterior LED fixtures.
Kings Park is a 990-acre park in the centre of Perth that features sprawling areas of manicured green space, natural bushland, a botanic garden and multiple memorials. One of the park’s most notable features is Fraser Avenue, a picturesque path lined with lemon-scented gum trees planted in 1938 and equipped with in-ground lighting to highlight the trees.
When the existing fixtures came to the end of their serviceable life, the BGPA hired Plan E Landscape Architects to coordinate a replacement capable of producing a wide range of colours and effects while utilising the existing in-ground cabling infrastructure. To meet these requirements, Plan E collaborated with ETC to design an updated lighting installation featuring Martin Exterior Inground 410 LED fixtures.
“When Matt Bancroft from Light Application approached me for a solution, knowing the precinct very well and the high level of prestige at stake, I knew our offering needed to be of superior quality, so I recommended the Martin Exterior Inground 410,” said Mike Bird, technical sales, Show Technology. “Light Application are no newcomers to using Martin architectural products, having installed numerous successful projects throughout Perth with Exterior 500 and 1000 image projectors.”
ETC conducted a night-time trial at Fraser Avenue and compared similar fixtures from different manufacturers, ultimately settling on the Martin Exterior Inground 410 for lighting the tree canopy.
“To say that the output of the Martin Exterior Inground 410 is impressive would be an understatement,” said Bancroft. “It certainly packs a punch for its unobtrusive inground design - exactly what the location along Fraser Avenue in Kings Park required. The CREE RGBW Quad-Color LED chipset in these fixtures allows for a wide range of vibrant colours as well as a crisp 4000K white which accents the trees perfectly. In addition, the asymmetric optics provided optimum coverage for the tree canopies while keeping light spill and glare to a minimum.”
“It’s a privilege for Harman Professional Solutions to be associated with a project like Kings Park and extend an apt solution that seamlessly fits the unique requirement of the project,” said G Amar Subash, VP and GM, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner Show Technology for their confidence in the products and working closely with ETC and Light Application to create a diverse and inviting space for visitors, especially within the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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