Pan Acoustics launches Pan Evac series
Wednesday, 11 May 2022
panevacPan Evac is available in three sizes and available now
Germany - Pan Acoustics has introduced the Pan Evac series. The speakers which use ‘uncompromised high quality 3.5-inch drivers’ are designed not only for not only for announcements but also for quality background music.
The speakers use a complex passive crossover network for optimized sound, straight out of any amplifier. The same circuit delivers passive beam steering with a unique 4-degree beam down-tilt, allowing a straight mounting position while still directing the sound towards the audience. Pan Acoustics is only using 100V toroidal transformers to give low frequency reproduction on 100V lines up to 125 W without saturation effects.
“Many manufacturers just aim to produce a 100V speaker at the lowest possible price, that can just meet EN54-24 requirements. But not us! Our aim was to deliver unrestricted quality for mission critical systems. Our credo is Made in Germany, so we decided to partner with the most respected German VdS institute as a notified body for achieving the EN54-24 certification”, said Udo Borgmann, CEO at Pan Acoustics.
“In the past I was often contacted by consultants and clients who were looking for a certified speaker that still offered a great sound quality. I think you shouldn’t have to choose between these two features. With Pan Evac we are now offering a speaker that can play in both worlds,” said Johannes Kampert, head of global sales at Pan Acoustics.
The speakers are made from powder coated aluminium profiles with stainless steel front grills. This makes them resilient to weather conditions and allows permanent installation in sport and soccer arenas. The speakers are EN54-24 Type B certified for outdoor use and are IP54 rated.

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