Stage Precision partners with Neutral Human
Thursday, 19 May 2022
eurovosion-stageebu-nponosavrotros-nathan-reinds-High-profile events, including last year’s Eurovision have used SP
UK - Stage Precision (SP), and technical business development specialist, Neutral Human, have announced a strategic partnership alongside the launch of Stage Precision to the wider market.
SP is an independent data and control platform that enables users to build complex control-systems and previsualise or pre-programme technological workflows for the global live events market.
“The industry’s creative technologists have adopted SP as part of their trusted workflows. It has enabled the high-end projects to develop with pioneering complexity, so now it’s time for the wider industry to discover such this ground-breaking tool,” says Neutral Human’s founder, Sarah Cox.
“What drew me to working with SP is the fact that the product is community-led. Its development comes from working alongside its userbase on real world challenges and finding solutions to those problems.”
SP keeps track of all position and control data around live events, broadcast, XR, VP, and installation projects, connecting devices between the digital and physical world through a unified 3D space.
“Essentially, it’s a user interface or a software that solves problems within interactive media installations and broadcast virtual production,” says SP managing director, Michael Giegerich, who also co-owns bright! studios.
It was while working under the auspices of bright! studios that the team identified the need for a specific 3D data management product while working at the coalface of visual design and technology for live events.
“In 2017, we were still working on the side of creative studios and workflow integrators and transitioning our pipelines from rendered content to real-time content. Also, with the evolution of positional data, we knew there was an untouched market with a lot of potential,” he explains. “The pandemic allowed us to not only further refine SP, it also allowed us to focus on the features necessary for virtual production. We now have the right workflows and plugins in place for this very specific market.”
A number of high-profile installations and events have already made good use of SP’s toolkit, including the Opening and Closing ceremony of the Expo in Dubai, various XR and VP stages around the globe like the XR Stage at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, as well as last year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
“I see us as an enabler for this burgeoning side of the industry,” says Giegerich.
“In today's world, data is everywhere. It’s the foundation of everything we interact with. With our background in creating live shows, we have experienced first-hand the complex challenges with the many places data can be produced. With SP we are focussed on simplifying the user experience.”

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