Pytch creates rave vibes with Chauvet
Monday, 23 May 2022
alfresco-disco1The Pytch crew used 50 Chauvet Professional fixtures to light Alfresco Disco
UK - Alfresco Disco in Bristol is a group that organises roving rave music and art events. One recent event was staged inside a 3,000sq.m warehouse owned by event specialist Pytch.
The Pytch crew used 50 Chauvet Professional fixtures to light Alfresco Disco, which, true to the underground origins of the early rave clubs, only announced that it would be taking place at the site on the day of the event itself. Nevertheless over 2,500 ravers showed up.
When they did, they were instantly immersed in an ‘80s metro, subterranean vibe. The people from Pytch transformed the empty warehouse into a full-scale party venue in a mere two days. Central to infusing the creative energy of those incendiary early raves into the space was their creative use of eight Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash fixtures, which were hung from trussing structures. Thanks to each fixture’s seven 45W RGBW LEDs coupled with the 12 pixel-mappable RGB LED ring, the team were able to create unique, redolent visual effects that transported ravers back to an earlier time.
With lead lighting designer Dan Giddings and lighting tech Luke Boast busking through performances by artists like Move D, DJ Gregory and Matisa, the designers drew upon the playful juxtaposition of the Outcast’s central light source and outer ring to create spontaneous and energetic visuals.
This interplay of looks succeeded in engaging the expectant crowd with the music and space combined fuse space, music and creativity. “The new Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash fixtures were the talking point of the evening for anybody interested in lighting,” said Giddings. “Even for people who weren't necessarily lighting-savvy, the ring effect around the beams were definitely noted and commented on for their incredible retro feel.”
Ten STRIKE P38 fixtures gave an additional retro visual kick to proceedings. Thanks to the STRIKE P38’s punchy 90W LED source, the team could recreate the halogen par can look synonymous with 90s rave culture, incorporating the tungsten emulating effect into the various sets.
Providing a foundation of visual support with a mixture of movement, strobes, beams and washes, the team specified 12 Rogue R2 Wash, 10 Maverick Hybrid MK1 and a further eight Rogue R2 Wash and two RH1 Hybrid fixtures for the second stage.
With the placement of the wash and hybrid fixtures, the team were able to douse large swathes of the huge warehouse in saturated colour, immersing partygoers in a thrilling atmosphere.
“Everybody really loved the night,” said Giddings. “This was a fun event to light. For those who were around at the time, it also brought back memories.”

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