The Design Oasis adds flare to Nursecon cruise
Monday, 6 June 2022
nursecon3Every night the poolside rocked with parties and live DJ shows
USA - The first shipment of the Chauvet Professional Color Strike M fixtures arrived at The Design Oasis right as Abbas Ritscher was about to head out to sea from Miami as the production manager of the 2022 Nursecon cruise. He was so eager to try the new IP65 rated motorised strobe/wash that he decided on the spot to add two units to the rig that he and lighting designer Joe Donnelly put together for the Royal Caribbean pool side party stage.
“The Color Strike M got into our warehouse, so it was the perfect excuse to get my hands on it,” said Ritscher. “Being on a cruise ship you need to load in fast. You also need fixtures that have a lot of impact for their size, and of course, everything needs to be able to take the weather, which comes in fast and hard. This fixture fit the bill perfectly.”
Ritscher and Donnelly positioned a Color Strike M on either side of the video wall at the pool side stage, which served as party central for the nurses-only four-day cruise, which provided a well-deserved break for 3,500 healthcare workers, who spent the past two years dealing with a global pandemic.
Passengers on the cruise were treated to a wide assortment of entertainment options, including a Nurses Got Talent show, performances by 10 professional dancers, and an appearance by comedian Nurse Blake. Every night the poolside rocked with parties and live DJ shows, culminating with a special Nurse Glow affair on the last night.
Through it all, the Color Strike M delivered pulsating visuals; its strobing effects creating bright flashes that accented the music, and its colourful aerials shooting off in every direction. It was a potent display more reminiscent of a South Beach nightclub than a pool side deck on a cruise ship.
“Frankly, we were amazed,” said Ritscher. “We saw demos and videos of the Color Strike M, so we were expecting something impressive, but having it out at sea surpassed our best expectations.”

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