Chauvet supports Allstar World Championship
Monday, 13 June 2022
allstar1The 2022 Allstar World Championship in Orlando
USA - Over 16,000 athletes representing 800 teams from 40 countries participated in the 2022 Allstar World Championship in Orlando this spring.
Craig Huddleston, the designer and show director, comments: “This is a competition, but it needs to be fun. We wanted to highlight the athletes and make them feel like rockstars when they ran out on stage.”
Huddleston and his team at AVOS agency succeeded in doing this in spectacular fashion. Athletes competing in 50 different divisions were greeted with a walk-on light and video display reminiscent of a NBA championship game, complete with flurries of strobing and aerial effects, as well as dynamic neon-like video wall patterns heralding their arrival.
Helping them accomplish this on the event’s main stage was a 4Wall Entertainment Nashville supplied rig that featured over 300 Chauvet Professional F 5IP LED panels. “We couldn't be happier to have Craig and AVOS' Agency be the first to have a go with 4Wall Nashville's new Chauvet F5IP video tiles,” comments account executive Tyler Bevel. “The F5IP tiles are already proving to be a valuable addition to our rental inventory and a great creative tool for our clients.”
The AVOS team arranged the video panels in three distinct walls. This configuration made it easier to create distinct entrance and exit paths for the teams at the beginning of the competition.
“In designing this event, we carefully considered the reveal of the athletes running on stage; and how it looks and makes them feel,” says Huddleston. “We typically do a centre entrance but decided on an “enter” and “exit” this year since there were so many teams. It allowed teams to exit while another team was being called to the stage.
“There is a very structured sequence to get the athletes on stage,” continues Huddleston. “We used multiple cameras that were fed into the wall in different segments. When they are backstage, there is a camera to capture them in their circle. That feed is on the wall, and the crowd goes wild seeing them on deck. Then we’d switch in audience shots so the athletes backstage can see their family and friends right before going on. That gets them ready to perform.”
Reviewing the performance of the F5IP panels, Huddleston says: “Their 6,000 NITS is a plus. Although we don’t work with the full brightness indoors, it’s there, and we can adjust it to our exact preference. The panels are lightweight yet rugged and feel very solid.”
Content was fed to these panels via Resolume software. “We have used it with such great success over the years that it’s hard to not dream in its realm of what it can do,” adds Huddleston. “From projection mapping to LED wall content, it’s our workhorse partner in live events. We always design content from the blackout look. We are adding elements one at a time to build the overall look until we reach a concluding point.”

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