Stenberg launches VST Live system
Thursday, 16 June 2022
vst-live-tracks-screenshotmasterVST Live takes care of the technical production
Germany - Steinberg has announced the launch and immediate availability of the VST Live Advanced Live Performance System. VST Live takes care of the technical production, supports the onstage musicians and ‘gives performers the tools to create a show to remember’.
Available for both Windows and macOS, VST Live is available in two versions: VST Live Pro and VST Live Elements. Both have all the functions needed to get songs ready for the stage, with an array of virtual instruments, effects, an integrated sequencer and synchronisation features to keep every beat and bar tightly in time.
The Layers page lets users quickly audition and choose from a range of instruments, high-quality effects and MIDI control for each song. These are saved as Parts and its entire Song is then added to the versatile Set List page to create the running order for the gig.
“VST Live is useful for really impressing an audience at any event,” says Steinberg product marketing manager Julius Farahwaran. “Whether performing at a major sold-out venue or in front of friends in somebody’s living room, VST Live will help anyone get the most out of their performance and make the biggest impact.”
Availability and pricing Full-license retail versions of VST Live Pro and VST Live Elements are available through the Steinberg online shop.

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