Basketball Hall of Fame celebrates with Bandit
Friday, 17 June 2022
wbhof-inducteesthe ceremony was staged at the Tennessee Theatre I Photo by Randy Sartin Photography
USA - The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Induction Ceremony and celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Title 9 took place 11 June at the Tennessee Theatre with a lighting system provided by Bandit Lites.
“Every class, every year, is a special group of people,” said Bandit Lites chair Michael T. Strickland, a long-time member of the Hall of Fame Board. “This year in particular, board member and long-time friend Debbie Antonelli was honoured. Debbie is special to me and the Hall as she is not only a former player but is most notably a long-time basketball announcer on ESPN.”
The front of the stage was lit using the Tennessee Theatre’s conventional lekos from the cove. Bandit hung GLP X4S from a house electric to use as backlight for both people on stage and at the lectern. Elation SIXPAR 100s toned A-type towers with Spandex wraps, framing the center speaking position with VL 2500 spots providing mid-level beams for haze.
“On the floor we had Martin MAC Auras and VL 2500 spots to up-light the drape backdrop,” says Giff Swart, Bandit Lites project manager. “Lastly, we hung 9-lite DWE moles and 2-lite DWE moles from a different house electric to light the audience.”
Since the show was streamed on ESPN2, Bandit Lites worked with the WATE TV crew to balance levels and saturation while still making the ceremony accommodate the attendees.
“We had what you might call a typical theatre setup for any event with front light, back light, and backdrop light,” explained Swart. “What may have been most noticeable to the audience might have also the least likely understood: the moles. They were hung specifically to light the audience for TV. There was a 6ft camera jib on stage to capture audience reaction and any callouts for specific people in the audience.”

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